reated with Peter de Grasse in Association with The Portland Chamber Orchestra and Associate Director Yaacov Bergman, Of Memory lays out a raw, expressionistic narrative which stands in start counterpoint to traditional interpret ions of "Pictures at an Exhibition," moving instead toward a subjective rendering based on the textures, sensations, and feelings evoked by Yu's contemporary arrangement. 


When an estranged couple evokes the magic of dance to heal their shattered love, they discoed a place where memories are recalled with the vividness of painted pictures.... a place where the borders between pictures are porous, and where no more than the blink of an eye, the simple gesture of a hand, can make possible a leap from one realm to another.........


2014 Portland Chamber Orchestra's 2014 season Portland, OR. 


Directed, Created, Produced: Tiffany Fish and Peter de Grasse; Editor and Director of Photography: Tiffany S. Fish ; Associate Camera: Peter de Grasse, Meghan DellaCrosse, William Hill; Production Support provided by: Yaacov Bergman, Bethany Crawley, Meghan DelaCrosse, Katie McCaughan and William Hill.