Being, Playing Being..... Present

Performers: Rebecca Levy and James Morrow; Original Score: Mike Pietrus; Shot and edited by T. Fish (2012)



This was an exploration of my grief over the impending loss of my late husband. Thank you to all who helped me in this. 

Performed by: Rebecca Levy, Christina May, Daron Wehle; Shot and Edited: T. Fish (2011) ; I do not own the rights to the music (Mumford and Sons...does) 

Miles Ahead

A choreographic exercise with environment, emotion and connection. 

Performed and Edited: T.Fish (2011) Shot by: Yaniv Abraham


Performed by: Rebeca Levy and Andre Megerdichian; Shot and Edited: T.Fish (2011)

Not Only Alone

Initial solo exploration into the medium of Film. (2010)


First exploration into the medium of film with an external subject. 

Performed by: Christina May; Shot and Edited: T. Fish (2010)